It been a while since we are learning the language, So are you ready ??? to use your skills at your work place.

Don’t be afraid, they are your friends. Just be open and let them help you in learning the language. Here are some sentences that might help you in starting the conversation. Also adding a link from I Amsterdam website helpful word/phrases.

Do remember to post your experiences, as I am always waiting to here back from you all :)

      1. De projectmanager is totaal onbekwaam. – The project manager is       completely incompetent. :)

      2. Hij is ideaal voor deze taak. – He is ideal for this task.

      3. Moet je vandaag werken? – Are you working today?

      4. Wie zal het evenement organiseren? – Who will organise the event?

      5. Hoeveel talen spreek je? – How many languages do you speak?

      6. Je bent meer dan 2 uur te laat. – You are over 2 hours late.

      7. Dit is jouw verjaardagscadeau. -This is your birthday present.

      8. Dit is tijdverspilling! – This is a waste of time!

      9. Je bent ontslagen! – You are fired!

      10. Hoe heet de parfum die je op hebt? – What is the name of the perfume you are wearing?

11. Hierover spreken we later. – We talk about this later.

12. Ik zou graag stage lopen bij uw bedrijf. – I would like to apply for an internship at your company.

13. Deze taak is niet dringend. Neem er de tijd voor! – This task is not urgent. Take your time!

14. De opzichter zag de ernst van de situatie niet in. – The supervisor did not recognize the gravity of the situation.

15. De werkuren van mijn huidige baan zijn niet echt regelmatig. – The working hours of my current job are not very regular.