Have you ever been confused about, How to approach when learning a foreign language? I have always wondered should I learn ‘Grammar’ first and understand how to construct a sentence or I just focus on building my ‘Vocabulary’ so that I can make sense what people are talking around me.

Unlike the learning of ‘Grammar’, which is essentially a rule based system, ‘Vocabulary’ knowledge is largely a question of accumulating individual items. According to ‘Jere

my harmer’, knowing a word involves knowing its form and its meaning at the basic level. In deeper aspects it means the abilities to know its –

a. Meaning – relate the word to an appropriate object or context
 b. Usage – knowledge of its collocations, metaphors and idioms, as well as 
 c. Style and Register  – the appropriate level of formality to be aware of
 d. Any connotations and associations the word might have
 e. Word formation – ability to spell and pronounce the word correctly, 
 f. To know any derivations (acceptable prefixes and suffixes) and
 g. Grammar – to use it in the appropriate grammatical form

David Wilkins, summed up the importance of vocabulary for language learning: “Without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.”