R1- Don’t be scared!

R1- Wees niet bang

Correct Answer by – Karen Seerydelange

R2- Your mobile phone is ringing.

R2- Uw mobiele telefoon gaat ringen.

Correct Answer by – Irina Zachia-Zlatea

R3- She likes hot chocolate.

R3- Ze houdt van warme chocolademelk.

Correct Answer by – Julie Winterrose

R4- The end of this regime is near.

R4- Het einde van dit regime is nabij.

Correct Answer by – Julie Winterrose

R5- “Merry Christmas!”, he said and smiled.

R5- “Prettig Kerstfeest!”, zei hij en lachte.

Correct Answer by – Learn Dutch Together

Congratulations to all who answered correctly in today’s exercise. If you have any suggestions/feedback for the coming exercises we would like to hear from you.