We all here with a desire to learn a new language. May be our motives behind learning are different but we all really want to learn a language. In this case, it is Nederlands or Dutch. We all must have thought once that how can I learn language in few steps. And I am sure we all have done a bit of google search on things like -

  1. How to learn foreign language.
  2. 10 quick steps to learn foreign language…and many more.

OK, some did more efforts and some little less but we all did try and still want to learn the language…Am I right?

“The most important thing you have to understand is we all are different. And different things work for different people. The key to success is that we talk about what works for us and what just did not”.

So here are few things that didn’t worked for me at all:

  1. Talking the language – I know most of you will say that this is the key and every article that you read on internet will ask you to do that. But for me this just did not work. I was not able to talk in Dutch in my initial days of learning the language. I was so conscious. I was fine if I talk to myself or try Dutch alone but it was not happening in a group practice.
  2. Giving time in doing exercise from home – I was not able to spare time at home to do exercises given to us in my Dutch class. I have to say it was my fault but even if I try honestly I was not able to do that.

So these are few things that did not work out for me. In my next blog, I will share with you what worked for me and helped me in learning the language. Do remember to share your stories as well.