I am here to talk about the thinngs that helped me in learning Dutch. Apart from the usual stuff that we all do today I am going to talk about things that made it realy easy for me.

1. Practice one sentence daily – believe it or not but it really helped me in many ways. Firstly everyday I learned few words that increased my vocabulary and second I tried to practice that sentence with my fellow mates trying to talk round. Thanks to you guys you listened me and never got irritated with my Dutch :)

2. Listening to Dutch radio – Again thanks to my last company, where the day use to starts with radio and ends with it. I have to say initially it was so irritating as something that I don’t understand a word of use to play all day along but slowly i started understanding it. I personally felt that radio was the secret of me learning or rather I say understanding the language specially the pronunciation of Dutch words through native speakers.

So hear was my small secret that helped me in learning the language. Now you have to discover yours. Think for few minutes there is something that can help you just have to find it.

And in last I just have to tell you, you are doing good and soon you will be speaking Dutch just stick to it for little long…Good luck.